Conventional Picture Hooks | The Problem

When hanging two or more pictures side by side, or even groups of pictures, it can sometimes be difficult to get adjacent pictures perfectly aligned with each other. If they are not perfectly level it annoys you every time you look at them. On older walls drill bits can drift away from the intended position due to old plaster which can contain grit, deflecting the drill bit. Other factors such as different length of hanging cords, or variation of the fixing points on the picture frame, can also lead to unlevel picture heights.

Adjustable Picture Hooks | The Solution

Photo of a woman hanging a picture on a wall. This elegant and unique picture hanging system allows you to adjust the height after fixing to the wall, simple to install. Adjustable Picture Hooks from Linear Hanging Solutions.

The solution lies in the unique design of the adjustable picture hooks from Linear Hanging Solutions, patent pending.

The picture hooks have vertical adjustment built in, so once the fixing has been screwed to the wall they can still be adjusted to achieve the perfectly level installation that you require.

No additional skills or tools are required when compared to traditional picture hooks and the installation is just as quick.

If you want your pictures perfectly aligned, look no further, we have the solution for you right here.

Our adjustable picture hangers work equally well with pictures with wire hangers, d-loop hangers and saw tooth hangers.

100 series adjustable picture hook. The 100 series hook is our simplest design for light weight applications of up to 3kg, such as small pictures, mirrors or other objects that need aligning, on your wall. Uniquely designed hooks from Linear hanging Solutions.

100 Series Adjustable Picture Hooks

For small pictures of up to 3kg in weight you should choose the 100 series picture hook. For more detail about the 100S Picture Hook click here.

200 series adjustable picture hooks. The 200 series hook has a more sophisticated two part design. The top part fixes to your wall, the lower part can be adjusted and securely locked in any position within the slider range. Your picture hanging alignment problems solved with these British designed hooks by Linear Hanging Solutions.

200 Series Adjustable Picture Hooks

For larger pictures weighing up to 7kg you will need the 200 series picture hook. For more information about the 200S Picture Hook click here.

National Media Coverage

As featured in the Daily Express newspaper's We Love...section. Click the image below to view the full article.

Article in the Daily Express. Information in the national press about the cleverly designed adjustable picture hooks from Linear Hanging Solutions.