Picture hooks, the problem.

Photo of a woman hanging a picture on a wall. This elegant and unique picture hanging system allows you to adjust the height after fixing to the wall, simple to install. Adjustable Picture Hooks by Linear Hanging Solutions.

Picture the situation, please excuse the pun. I had just spent about two weeks redecorating the lounge of my old mums house, she can be a bit of a perfectionist, but that's OK, if a job is worth doing then surely it is worth doing well, right ?

After a lot of hard work I stood back to admire my handiwork. The ceiling was pristine, no cracks or imperfections and a bright new coat of brilliant white emulsion. The walls had been lovingly prepared, re-skimmed with plaster as smooth as a...well very smooth anyway. The walls had then been sealed and coated with the finest emulsion money could buy. Light fittings and sockets had been replaced and a superb new carpet had been fitted by a trusted professional fitter.

Finally the furniture had been returned to the room and arranged just so, following instructions from the boss, yes I have to admit a pretty good job all round, very satisfying.

So what do you think of the result Mum I hope you are pleased, "those pictures aren't level" I'm sorry what was that, "those pictures, they aren't level", no they are definitely level I checked them with a spirit level when I re-hung them, definitely level.

Then it dawned on me, she didn't mean they weren't hanging level, she meant that the group of three pictures, were not at exactly the same height as each other relative to the ceiling, there was a tiny difference in height.

The only way to check it was to measure down from the ceiling to the top of each picture frame, guess what she was spot on. A difference of 3 or 4 millimeters could be measured, but surely that was close enough, I mean the picture hooks were all securely fixed to the wall now, it would be impossible to re-drill the fixing holes without resulting in a much larger hole in the wall and the causing damage to the new plasterwork. Surely you would not notice the difference once you get used to it.

But needless say to say on every subsequent visit to Mum's it wasn't comments about the excellent decoration and great look of the new room, that dominated the conversation, no it was "I told you those pictures aren't level".

It was this situation that led to the design of these two new types of picture hooks, that you see here today. I had to get that group of pictures level with each other, otherwise I would never hear the last of it.

After a lot of thought and hard work I developed the 100 series picture hook, which successfully allowed me to level up my sweet old Mum's group of pictures, without the need to re-drill the fixing point and causing more damage those oh so smooth walls.
It can be fixed to the wall, measurements taken and then redjusted to the final height, accurately enough to satisfy even my Mum.

The 200 series picture hook was designed with the same adjustability in mind but with the capacity to hold heavier pictures, than the 100 series could support.

So if you need to perfectly align groups of pictures, to the accuracy and standard acceptable to my Mum, look no further, the solution to your problem is right here.

Photo of a 100 series adjustable picture hook. The 100S picture hanger has 25mm of vertical adjustment and can be used to hang pictures of up to 3kg in weight.

100 Series Hooks

For small pictures of up to 3kg in weight you should choose the 100 series picture hook.
For more details about the 100S Picture Hook click here.

Photo of a 200 series adjustable picture hook. The 200S picture hanger has 14mm of vertical adjustment and can be used to hang pictures of up to 7kg in weight.

200 Series Picture Hooks

For larger pictures weighing up to 7kg you will need the 200 series picture hook.
For more information about the 200S Picture Hook click here.

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